Board of Trustees


The objective of this Board shall be to have charge of the Church’s property and keep it in

good condition and repair. The Board shall be authorized to make normal expenditures

within their budget. Emergency expenditures must be reported to the Church Council and

the Voters’ Assembly at their respective next regular meetings.

It shall be the duty of the Board to:

1. Provide for the regular maintenance and protection of all buildings, facilities, and


2. Develop the policies and rules which will govern the use of the buildings, facilities, and

grounds by groups and organizations within the Congregation and from the local


3. Coordinate, approve and post a calendar of events and activities for all groups from

within and outside the Congregation;

4. Be responsible for building/property/workers compensation insurance; and

5. Use emergency funds as designated in the Trustee Budget, for discretionary use for

Church building emergency, without the need of prior approval.

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