Executive Committee


The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman of the Board of Elders. The Pastor(s) shall serve as a non-voting member(s).

The Executive Committee shall:

A.            Oversee and administer the overall secular matters of the Congregation in accordance with this _onstitution and its _ylaws and the decisions of the Voters’ Assembly;


B.            Keep accurate minutes of all meetings for the permanent records of the Congregation and post those minutes no later than two weeks after each meeting;

C.            Study the reports of all congregational Boards and Committees and prepare and

post an agenda for the regular and special meetings of the Voters’ !ssembly-

D.            Annually review and oversee Long-Range Planning;

E.            Present an Annual State of the Congregation report to the November meeting of the Voters’ !ssembly, as well as long-term plans for the development and expansion of God’s work in our community­

F.            Serve as a forum for settling disputes between Boards except Board of Elders;

G.           Negotiate and execute deeds, contracts, powers of attorney and other legal matters

pursuant to the direction of the Voters’ !ssembly-

H.            Intercede in the matters of any Officer, Board or Committee which are in conflict

with this _onstitution and its _ylaws, or the decisions of the Voters’ !ssembly-

I.             Appoint members-at-large to the Finance Committee as needed;

J.             Recommend and establish church bank accounts.

K.            Have the authority to make emergency expenditures, as the _ongregation’s funds allow, without the prior approval of the Voters’ !ssembly-and

L.             Executive Committee meetings shall be open to the Congregation, unless an executive session is called.


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