Class Offerings

Timothy Lutheran Preschool Class Offerings

2019-2020 School Year

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♥       All classes are 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., with before and aftercare available

.♥       Students in “regular” three year-old classes must be able to use the toilet independently – no diapers or pull-ups.

♥       Sibling discount is 5% off of the youngest child’s tuition

♥       Timothy Church Congregation Members receive 15% off tuition

♥       No discounts are given on registration fee or special programs.

♥       Families receive a 5% discount for annual tuition paid in full by September 1.

♥       Registration Fee of $100 per student is due at time of registration and is non-refundable.

♥       Friday Friends can be added on a regular, annual basis, which will increase the monthly tuition to a 3-day rate. Friday Friends can also be added as needed, in which case the charge will be $23/day, available first-come, first served..

              Class                                                                Age                                        Day                                Hours                       Tuition/Month

            Timothy Tykes                                            2 yrs. By 12/1/19          T/TH                               9 – 1                              $ 175

            Young 3’s                                                      3 yrs. By 2/29/20          M/W                                9 – 1                              $ 175      

            2-Day 3’s                                                      3 yrs. By 9/1/19              T/TH                               9 - 1                               $ 175      

            3-Day 3’s                                                      3 yrs. By 9/1/19              M/W/F                          9 – 1                              $ 215

            5-Day 3’s                                                      3 yrs. By 9/1/19                M-F                               9 – 1                              $ 260

            Young 4’s                                                     4 yrs. By 2/29/20             M-TH/or F                 9 – 1                              $ 225/$260                     

            4-Day Pre-Kindergarten                    4 yrs. By 9/1/19                M-TH                            9 – 1                              $ 225

            5-Day Pre-Kindergarten                    4 yrs. By 9/1/19                 M-F                               9 – 1                              $ 260      

            Transitional Kindergarten                 5 yrs. By 9/1/19                 M–F                             9 – 1                             $ 260

Check out our Special Programs!

  Join us every day, or once in a while… whatever works for you!

 Early Bird - Start your day an hour earlier, daily from 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. - $4/hr. or 6 hr. booklet/$20

After Care - Stay an extra hour or two after school, daily from 1:00 p.m. –    3:00 p.m. - $4/hr. or 6 hr. booklet/$20

Fridays Friends - Theme-based, age-appropriate program for all students as an add-on option.  Can be used  regularly, or as needed. See above for more information.

Parent’s Night Out -  Our popular quarterly program gives parents a grown-up night out while we keep the children fed, happy and loved!  $5/hour per child and $4/siblings ages 18 months to 8 years.                

Now you have a choice

Transitional Kindergarten at Timothy!

This program is a unique opportunity offered to children who have completed a 4-year-old program whose families want an alternative to traditional kindergarten, or those who want to give their child an extra year to develop physically, socially or academically.  We offer an intimate, nurturing environment in which these children can be challenged at their individual levels to develop confidence and skills needed for future success in school. There is a $40 workbook fee/student.

Back by popular demand is our referral program!  Receive 25% off tuition next month’s tuition if you refer a family that registers during February, March, August or September.  Your name must be listed on their registration form as a referral.   We appreciate you!