Usher Team

Your Ministry as an Usher

           Elsewhere ushering is done only to direct people to their seats.  But ushering in church is more than that; it is a service rendered to God and an act, which plays a part in conducting the worship service.

         When we gather in church to worship God, we do so to receive from Him His grace and blessing through Word and Sacrament and to offer Him our sacrifices of prayer, praise, and thanksgiving.  A church usher is part of the worshipping congregation, and has particular acts to perform in the divine service.

The importance of church ushering

Ushering contribution to the Worship service is vital and far-reaching.  It influences. It may be the cause of inducing a visitor to become a regular worshiper and eventually a member of Timothy or of making the person go elsewhere - of attracting a soul to Christ or repelling it.



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